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Trade secrets

How to save on plasterer costs..

Bird & Son Plasterers are firm believers in fair and ethical pricing in the services we provide


With that policy foremost in our minds we shall share

Six or more trade secrets to save you money on the cost of plastering.

Reskimming your home can add considerable value to your property, covering artex or textured ceilings (and or walls) can add as much as 10% to your house value alone according to estate agents and property websites,property developers often mearly replaster an artexed property before selling it on such is the potential mark up.

Here we will share six or more trade secrets that can help reduce the cost of a plasterers work.


Obtain your own plasterer directly and not costed into the overall bill of a 3rd party such as a builder or window company.

Plasterers arranged through other tradesmen such as builders,tilers,electricians, plumbers and window companies etc etc will have come to you with a profit markup added on top, this is a very expensive way to pay for plastering services and if the work is inferior you cant contact the plasterer responsible directly to complain as your unlikely to no who he actually is.

1) Contact your potential plasterers early in any given month and never at the end of a month. Why? This is purely because of supply and demand, you will be able to negotiate a better price early in any given month. The vast majority of calls to plasterers and other trades people occur in the last week of the month (pay day week) which bumps up the price a tad.

2) Try and avoid busy times of year, plastering like any trade is rather seasonal, January and February are quite times as are july and august, you will be able to negotiate a better price during these quieter months.


3) If at all possible totally clear out a room of all furniture prior to obtaining a quote from your plasterer, Why? The room will look easier to plaster and you will obtain a better price. A room full of furniture etc is a nightmare for any tradesman and he/she is likely to quote you a higher figure than if the room were empty.

4) Offer to prepare the room ready for the plasterer yourself, 90% of the cost of plastering is labour (materials are relatively inexpensive) and a good 20% of that labour is spent on preparation, sealing the walls with pva glue and waiting for that seal to dry for instance, put another way you are in effect paying a plasterer to sit and stare at your walls for you! so anything you can do in advance by way of preparation will allow you to negotiate a lower price. For example

-Sheet out the room before work commences
-Offer to seal the walls 24 hours before the plasterer arrives (Any decent plasterer will provide the pva glue and advise you on how to go about it)

The above steps should reduce the cost of the work by around 20% if your plasterer is completely honest with his quotation.

5) Obtain at least 3 separate quotes for your plastering work, the differences in price can be truly astounding. Why is this? There can be many reasons here are just a few

-Supply and demand, if the plasterer is busy he/she is in a position to attempt to charge more, conversely he/she may not be busy and is hence happy to charge less.

-Experience of the plasterer, more experienced plasterers can complete the work in half the time of a less experienced person and hence need not charge as much.

-Location, Bluntly put the more desirable an area the higher any tradesperson (not just plasterers) thinks he/she ought to charge, this leaves room for a little bartering.

6) If you are considering replastering several rooms you should expect a reasonable discount over the cost of just one room, likewise senior citizens ought to receive a discount . Talk to your plasterer and you’ll be surprised how flexible they can be.


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