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Bird & Son Plasterers : f.a.q's

Q - I am planning on having a complete new bathroom fitted at what point should I have the plasterers in?

A- It is always advisable to have just one tradesman manager a project like this (Too many cooks spoil the broth!) So the plumber would normally set the schedule for a bathroom project, with the other trades adhering to his/her schedule.

Q - Can Artex or Similar textured coating be plastered over?

A- Normally this is quite possible, although very old artex is best over boarded as it is likely to contain mild amounts of asbestos, asbestos was removed from artex in 1982.

Q - Do I have to remove all furniture from a given room or can it be worked around?

A- A far better finish is obtained if there are no obstacles in the way to inhibit work, this is certainly the case with ceilings. However we accept that it is not always possible to remove furniture from all properties especially flats for instance.

Q - Can you plaster around my radiators?

A- This normally depends on where the radiator is located, for example if it is in a bay window and hence is only ever viewed from the front then they can be plastered around almost invisibly, However if a radiator is situated on the main wall at the bottom of the staircase or a similar location where the rear is visible then you would be be advised to have them removed by a qualified plumber.

Q - Can you plaster around my sockets and light switches?

A-Normally these aren’t an issue, the screws can be loosened and they can be plastered around. Ideally if the situation allows it however it would be best to have them removed and refitted again after both plastering and decorating.

Q - Do I have to remove my carpet in order to have the room plastered?

A-Ideally yes, but in every day practise this rarely happens, the areas is therefore fully sheeted out prior to work commencing,

Q- How long will the plastering work actually take?

A-Bedrooms for instance can normally be completed in one working day (8.30am-4pm) depending on the size of the room, a full schedule is included with a written quote.

Q-I am at work all week could the work be done at weekends?

A-Our normally work week is Monday-Friday although in we are often happy to work saturdays, but if this doesn’t suit your life style then given sufficient notice we can indeed agree to complete works over weekends.

Q- Do I have to remove any debris or left over waste?

A-No debris or waste if left on site

If the above frequently asked questions don’t answer your specific query feel free to text or email me at any time


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